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As the court-appointed Settlement Administrator, we are responsible for reviewing claim forms submitted in the settlement and determining their validity.

The first rounds of checks were mailed 11/29/2017.

The second and final round of checks will be mailed on 12/29/2017.

NOTE: Even if you submitted a valid claim form and were otherwise entitled to money as part of the settlement class, if you were in arrears for Child Support payments in New York and/or had Medicare liens, those amounts will be deducted from the sum award amount. A letter was sent to you if you are in this category explaining the process.

If you submitted a claim form but were deemed ineligible through the validation process, letters will be sent to you explaining the reason for invalidation.  Claims that were deemed invalid fell into one or more of categories below.

1. If a claim was received after the deadline of September 6, 2017, it was deemed ineligible.

2. You must have been the individual who received the summons. If you could not verify that you were the person who received the summons or you affirmed that you were not the individual who received the summons, the claim was deemed ineligible.

3. In order to be an eligible claimant, you must NOT have been committing the violation for which the police officer gave you a summons. If you affirmed that you WERE committing the violation for which the police officer gave you a summons, the claim was deemed ineligible.

4. You must have signed the Verification and Release. If you failed to sign the Verification and/or Release, the claim was deemed ineligible.

5. You must have provided a Summons Number if sent in your own claim form. The original claim forms that were sent to eligible claimants were pre-printed with the summons number of the summons you received.  If you did not mail that form back in, but instead submitted your own claim form and failed to provide the Summons Number, the claim was deemed ineligible.

NOTE: Please check back to this website for future updates as this is will be the source for all information.


Please do not contact the court. Should you have any questions concerning the notice, the action, the proposed settlement or the final fairness hearing, please refer to the frequently asked questions page of this site or call 1-877-552-1290 or email 

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