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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Individuals Who Litigated This Case Receive a Service Payment?


Class Counsel will apply for service payments of $15,000.00 (fifteen thousand dollars) each for the Class Representatives to compensate them for the time and effort they devoted to representing the Class in this case including 6 years of direct participation in the ligation, multiple appearances and meetings with class counsel, and multiple depositions.

How Will My Settlement Award Be Calculated?


Settlement Class Members will be eligible to receive a payment for each Eligible Summons from May 25, 2007 up to January 25, 2017, in settlement of their claims. Subject to this Court’s approval, Settlement benefits will be made on a pro rata basis, based on the total class settlement fund divided by the total number of eligible claimants.

However, no Eligible Claimant may receive a settlement payment in an amount that exceeds one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) per Eligible Summons.  Any amount(s) owed for Child Support and/or Medicaid liens will be deducted from your settlement payment.

How Will The Lawyers Be Paid?


In connection with the Settlement, Class Counsel will submit a request for $18,500,000.00 for attorneys’ fees and costs to the Court. The City has agreed to pay Class Counsel this figure separate from the maximum class payment, subject to Court approval.

When Must My Claim Form Be Completed and Sent In?


Claim Forms must have been completed in full and must have been either submitted online, or mailed and postmarked on or before September 6, 2017.  Late filed claims will be denied.

Who is Included in the Settlement?


All individuals who received a Criminal Court Summons (“C Summons”) by a New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) officer and whose summons was dismissed by the court for facial or legal insufficiency and lacked probable cause from May 25, 2007 through January 25, 2017.

What is the Settlement about?


On May 25, 2010, the Class Representatives filed this lawsuit, on behalf of themselves and a class of individuals who had received C Summonses from members of the NYPD, claiming that the City of New York, through the NYPD had illegally stopped, seized, arrested, and issued summonses to these individuals in the absence of probable cause in response to a summons quota within the NYPD. A final settlement agreement was reached in August 2016. To view the compliant, click HERE.

What are my rights as a Class Member?


The only way to get a payment is to have submitted your Claim Form completed, signed and mailed to the Settlement Administrator postmarked or filed online, no later than September 6, 2017.

What if I received more than one summons?


If a Class Member received more than one Eligible Summons at the same date and time, that Class Member may only recover a single time for the summons-incident, and may not recover for each Eligible Summons issued at the same date and time.  However, a Class Member who received more than one Eligible Summons in separate incidents, at different dates and/or times may file a Claim and may recover once for each Eligible Summons incident.

What if I was subjected to excessive force during the course of the issuance of a summons?


If someone claims that they were subjected to excessive force during the course of the issuance of a summons, they will not be releasing that claim by opting into this settlement.


Please do not contact the court. Should you have any questions concerning the notice, the action, the proposed settlement or the final fairness hearing, please refer to the frequently asked questions page of this site or call 1-877-552-1290 or email 

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